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  • Victoria James

Review: "Eye to Eye" - Me&

Sparks fly, and the stars align when you meet the right person for you. Your dream partner shares the same beliefs as you, adores you, and treats you like royalty without you having to ask. Me& has a song that perfectly describes the moment of finding your soulmate. Their new single, “Eye to Eye'' is a bubbly song about discovering the perfect romantic connection and cherishing it for as long as it lasts. Even if you aren’t dating or looking for a partner, it's still important to treasure the positive relationships in your life. In a healthy relationship, significant others communicate properly, respect one another, and agree with each other. Simply put, they see eye to eye.

“Eye to Eye” is great because it feels like a serotonin boost. The track is bubbly and incredibly sweet. If the song were a color, it would be the most vibrant shade of pink. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when hearing Me&’s cheerful vocals on a brilliantly produced track. Although Me& is a Cantopop group, they take inspiration from Kpop, which often fuses pop with other genres like hip-hop and electronic dance music. Each member works together to give us a catchy hit to sing along and dance to. Their charm is hard to miss on this upbeat tune, and their infectious energy oozes out of the chorus and bounces to the rhythm of the song. “Eye to Eye'' has a fun and electrifying beat that will keep you hooked and the song on replay.

Me& is Hong Kong’s new Cantopop girl group consisting of three members Vian Lin, Mandy Tam, and Feanna Wong. The trio trained for two years before recording their first single, “Eye to Eye,” in South Korea. The song and music video were released under Media Asia Music, the record label that signed them. Kpop influences their music and style, but Me& brings an exceptional flair to Cantopop. Although the group is new, the three members had solo endeavors before Me&. Mandy is a model and basketball player, and before joining Me&, Vian was a dance trainee in South Korea. Feanna debuted in 2015, as the singer behind the theme song “We Are Young” for the film She Remembers, He Forgets. "Eye to Eye" is the first release of Me&'s, but they have a promising future ahead of them.

Written By Victoria James



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