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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Eyes in Love" - Naked Face

Can a person’s eyes really be a “window to the soul?” I guess so, right? I mean, poker players and romantics certainly think so! What else could prompt high-stakes professionals to wear sunglasses inside? Light sensitivity? Fashion?! Well, as a romantic to my core, of course I’m sticking with the former! Eye contact might just be the most intimate, revealing form of body language possible between two people… Sometimes, when our world is crumbling around us, we’re determined to put up a front… so we don an armor smile, protecting us from the pain while our melancholy eyes tell a different tale… Or perhaps we’re happy, excited–but want to remain composed… Even the most unassuming demeanor can be dashed by a pair of sparkling eyes! With genre-bending nuance and a secret sadness, Australian alt-pop duo, Naked Face, speak to the subtle, sinister sides of life on their daring new single, ‘Eyes in Love.’

Fearless coming out of the gates, these two musicians call to mind icons stretching from Maroon 5, Bastille, and beyond, blending synth-driven electronica with infectious rhythm to create a spacious, open groove. Spotlighting their obvious love for EDM, ‘Eyes in Love’ finds singer Steve Slik riding a hypnotic wave of pulsating production and tireless ‘drum n’ bass,’ leading the charge with his confident, anguished tenor. Simple lyrics, beginning with the phrase “you remind me…” propel the song forward, exploring themes of sadness and suffering, over–ironically–an energetic instrumental. “I wrote ‘Eyes in Love’ about my struggles with a deteriorating, tumultuous relationship whilst also battling a severe post-surgical opioid addiction” admits Slik candidly… Through the poetic, ominous verses and heart-pounding refrains, it’s easy for the listener to connect with the loss and longing that emerges from the feverish track, a poignant analogy for the dark place the singer found himself… Nostalgic beyond belief, the streamline production and anthemic lyrics of ‘Eyes in Love’ signals to the 80’s, an homage to the ‘new wave’ wonders of ground-breaking artists like Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears! Providing unwavering support across genre boundaries or time, bassist Luke House covers the low end, laying a foundation strong enough to support soaring highs and lamenting lows…

Describing themselves as an “Energy, a Mood, an Atmosphere, and a Feeling,” Melbourne, Australia-based newcomers, Naked Face, tackle purpose and pain on their striking new offering, ‘Eyes in Love.’ Rounded out by singer/songwriter Steve Slik and bassist Luke House, this group has worked diligently to make a name for themselves over the past three years. With successful charting on Australia’s infamous Triple J radio station and a growing relationship with Sony Records, Naked Face will certainly capture your eye for a time to come!

Written By: Thomas Hiscock


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