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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Face" - Nieri

We’ve all experienced this scenario. You’re looking through your beach vacation photos and seem to have found one to showcase on Instagram. You’re having a great hair day and your outfit is on point. You zoom in and discover that a big red zit had taken up residence on your forehead. What do you do? You proceed to apply your favorite photo filter to blur out the blemish. This is why we all love filters on photos. They make us look better with little to no effort. Even so, when we use these seemingly magical tools, we don’t embrace our natural beauty. Nieri’s upbeat dance tune, “Face,” is about how good it can feel to come out from behind the filter and show the world who you really are.

The bass line of this song was the first thing that really stood out to me. It is really strong and sounds great behind the lyrics. Additionally, its rhythm makes the song very danceable. I also liked how the occasional harmonies add variations onto the beat. Nieri’s voice sounds firm and unwavering. The listener can really tell that Nieri believes in the lyrics he is singing. With that, I enjoyed how relatable the theme was. My favorite lyrics were: “I’m feeling like a cheater with the covers and the filters.” When we use filters, we show people an inaccurate version of who we are. What we should do is embrace our flaws, how ever big or small they may be.

Nieri was raised in Milan and currently lives in L.A. If you need more songs for your at-home dance party, check out Nieri’s other song, “Beautiful Music.” He sings about a longing to be freed from the tiring work week. Once the chains are lifted, he’ll head straight to the club and release his energy through dance. Even if you’re not one to frequent the club, you should still get up and dance every once in a while! You’d be surprised at how freeing it is!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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