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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Face to Face" - Eitan Shapira

The relentlessly upbeat sound of producer Eitan Shapira's debut single, "Face to Face" matches the virtuous request at its center. Light and warm synths and the sparse piano key feel breathable rather than oppressive. By honestly and directly expressing the desire for connection, Shapira's voice feels liberated. In its openness, "Face to Face" soars as a reminder not to anguish over communicating our wants. While the song plays like a monologue asking for togetherness, the joy and thrill in its veins feels like a response: complete affirmation.

"Take us to another place / somewhere we are face to face." The couplet shining at the chorus' core retains Shapira's genuine nature. Describing this place as "somewhere we can move and dance," an intentional connection is formed. The freedom and joy craved is connected—or in consequence of—the previously desired closeness and equality. While never lyrically, his requests are responded to through the jubilation flowing through the track's DNA. "The truth will set you free" is a common proverb associated with guilt, but Shapira makes an engaging argument for its application to affection. Tell people you love them and love will be felt in return.

"Face to Face" is the first single released from producer Eitan Shapira. It also features Omri Adler on the track. He also has experience as a digital artist, as seen on his instagram. The polished production of the song shows him to be debuting as a fully-formed artist. Shapira comes from TEL-AVIV (Israel). "Face to Face" released alongside a gorgeous music video, featuring an array of joyous scenes including the two astronauts featured on the single's cover.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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