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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Fairgrounds" - Anni

This song, “Fairgrounds” by the artist Anni, is all about looking deeply at a relationship you’re in and realizing that you should aim for more than what you’ve settled for. Written after finding out her ex had attended one of her shows without her knowing, this song explores that period of time when you break past the barriers that’d kept you in that endless cycle. Most people have been in some form of relationship like this, whether it’s a significant other or just a friend, where you feel like you’re kept around as validation for the other person. You’re used to satisfy their emotional needs while your own are abandoned and ignored. In this song, Anni encourages herself and everyone listening to realize their own worth, and to know that you deserve better.

“Fairgrounds” starts out with a subtle, hazy instrumental, which eases the listener into the track before Anni’s vocals come in to start the groovy first verse. A strumming guitar hums under the lyrics, keeping the rhythm and the tension going as the beat kicks in and the chorus begins. The chorus is heavier hitting than the verses, differentiating it and emphasizing what Anni is singing. This pattern repeats as the song slows back down for another verse before rising back into a second rendition of the chorus. The song continues the energy of the chorus before smoothing out for the outro that highlights her vocals perfectly, leaving you lingering and hoping for more. Overall, this track maintains the tension sublimely throughout the entire three minutes, keeping the rhythm going while also balancing the music with the lyrics to create an addicting and emotional song.

Anni, formerly known as Annika Grace, is a published poet and accomplished singer/songwriter based in the city of Los Angeles. Known for her unique dark, alt pop sound, and her well crafted lyrics, Anni has been exploring a new side to her music in this era - touching on the more raw, vulnerable, and authentic emotions that music can create and emulate. She released her first single, “Sedona,” in 2022, and “Fairgrounds” marks her newest single, released on October 20th. She’s also the creator of a house concert series in Venice Beach called “Saturdays at Seven,” which you can explore more along with her music through the links below!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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