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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Fairytale" - Vanda

In Vanda’s latest single, “Fairytale,” she provides a deeply emotional and transparent insight into feeling disappointed and wanting to make the best out of life if this is the best it’s going to get. The track is a powerful ballad that explores the power of Vanda’s voice. A song like this was made to be an anthem for times of feeling despair and needing some sort of outlet for it. The song is the third single from Vanda’s upcoming debut album, Sober in Another Life, which is set to be released soon. Vanda does an excellent job with this song as it creates a nice showcase of her level of talent.

The song is set in the style of a pop ballad, and this format is what makes the song more moving. The song is primarily driven by her powerful vocals throughout, as it keeps the instrumentals minimal during the verses, and doesn’t get too complex during the rest. The chorus of the track feels very cinematic and creates a setting that helps the song feel like an anthem. What also helps build up the track is the use of background harmonies that make the song feel more whole. After the first chorus, the production of the song slightly changes, and this keeps listeners captivated. The post-chorus after the second chorus has a magical nature to it which plays a little with the theme of the song’s title. While “Fairytale” is an emotional song that discusses certain difficulties in one’s life, it possesses enough versatility to be played in multiple situations, and that’s what makes the song so great.

Vanda is an artist originally from Chicago but is now based in LA. She has been working in the music scene since 2019 and has come a long way since then. Her style consists of primarily indie pop and R&B, as she likes to take inspiration from her musical influences. However, she does like to blend multiple styles to create a signature sound for her work. This is what makes her such an interesting artist that you should be listening to. As previously mentioned, “Fairytale” is the third single to her upcoming album, Sober in Another Life, so look out for that and make sure to give Vanda a listen as you won’t be disappointed.

Written By Chantal Charles


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