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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Fall Apart" - Pure XTC

Reaching a point of being a young adult and not experiencing life the way you intended can take a tremendous toll on your mental health, and often most of us would rather stay home and not try. “Fall Apart” by artist Pure XTC explores the inescapable blues that leave you with only enough energy to rot away. “Fall Apart” is an anthem for individuals stuck in a state of a mental slump and it explores this theme through alt-pop beats that, in a way, contrast the lyrical intent. The elements Pure XTC uses to put this work together mix in so well and create one unified piece that accomplishes so much.

What makes “Fall Apart” stand out is the music itself is much more joyous than the lyrics and this enhances the listening experience. Songs with uplifting music that cover such daunting topics have a way of improving the mood of listeners. You can really hear this in the chorus of the song as it builds up to a moment of euphoric angst. What’s interesting about the chorus is how it has the repeating line “I’m the queen of the pity party” as it emphasizes the trap one puts themselves in out of misery and yet, that party nature comes in through the music. Pure XTC herself mentioned how writing “Fall Apart” helped her feel excited about making music again and it was the push she needed to get back to work, and it only highlights the power this track holds.

Pure XTC is an artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. She began her journey in 2010 as she got the chance to tour the United States and Canada. In the past, she has worked with artists such as Fletcher, Dashboard Confessional, Dayglow, and more. Her music has also received recognition from different sources, such as Apple Music and Fox 21. With “Fall Apart” comes a short film with the same name that will be released on March 20th. This short film will be a part of a trilogy that will later be released. Pure XTC comes across as a great storyteller and musician and with “Fall Apart” she has been able to create a piece that comes from a very personal place.

Written By Chantal Charles


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