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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Fall For It" - Lola Balter

Holding onto a relationship overcome with toxicity often leads to resentment. With an unstable power dynamic, it’s only a matter of time before implosion. Lola Balter’s new single, “Fall For It” contains raw emotion and vulnerability, communicating a narrative of pain and dissatisfaction within a decaying relationship. Lola’s honest and intimate lyricism conveys the heartache felt when your partner continually fails you. For instance, the line “I’ll keep playing your game, knowing the pain of winning” expresses the relatable tendency we have of retreat to those we are comfortable with, regardless of the negative consequences. Released on January 27th, the pop-rock track has already amassed over 139k streams on Spotify alone. “Fall For It” is an emotional ballad, containing strong, soulful vocals, a compelling message and hypnotizing instrumentation.

“Fall For It” is an instrument loaded track, incorporating different sounds to accompany changing rhythms and tempos. The song is opened with sweet, mellow piano tones. Soon after, delicate acoustic guitar strumming arises from below the main track. Lola’s angelic vocals contain the perfect balance of rasp and clarity, guiding the song from verse to verse. “Fall For It” displays her broad vocal range, with high-pitched crescendos, enchanting vocal runs and deep, soulful belts. The single’s emotionally packed chorus showcases head-nodding percussion and passion-filled lyrics, perfect for an audience sing-along. Lola Balter released a live session of “Fall For It” on March 20th. This raw rendition highlights Lola’s natural talent as a vocalist and instrumentalist. Lola Balter is a rising star with undeniable talent. At just 16-years-old she has established herself as a must-watch artist with limitless potential.

Based in Vancouver, Lola Balter is a 16-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Lola’s passion for music developed at a young age. She began vocal lessons at just 7-years-old and songwriting at 11-years-old. Lola plays the piano and guitar and more recently learned the drums. In searching for her individual musical aesthetic, she discovered the expressive possibilities of rock and found inspiration in 1990’s alt-rock icons and modern pop-rock chart toppers such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Olivia Rodrigo, Nirvana and Jack Johnson. Lola’s debut single, “The Pressure and The Time” was released in 2022 and has reached over 16k streams on Spotify alone. Since then, she has been expanding her discography with tracks such as “I Wanna Win”, “Again” and “Knock On Wood” which has accumulated over 81k streams on Spotify. Her music can be discovered on many well-known playlists, such as Spotify’s official “Fresh Finds Folk” playlist which has over 34k likes. Lola’s breathtaking vocals, intricate instrumentation and emotional lyricism have established her as a rising pop-rock musician with over 84k monthly Spotify listeners.

Written By Julia Hooper



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