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  • Kasey D.

Review: "Fallin Up" - Clide

Singer Clide beautifully details his journey from darker days to luminous ones with his newfound-lover by his side. “Falling Up”’s otherworldly sound is fitting for its mentions of being saved by someone special. The perfect song for a late night drive, or belting alone in your room without a care, “Fallin Up” by Clide does a magnificent job captivating the rawness of falling deeply in love, and how ​​all love stories start with a stroke of fate and mutual feelings for each other.

The song begins with a string of graceful chords before seamlessly transitioning to Clide’s lullaby-esque vocals. Here, we learn about the lowest point in the singer’s life before being swept completely by someone “Heaven-sent”. Singer Clide paves his own path in songwriting as he distinctively alludes to angels; as a means to represent the momentous affect his lover has on him. Progressively, the melody picks up speed and incorporates a beat similar to that of 808s; not to mention other unique instrumentals that evoke emotions to each listener respectfully. The hook: “Feel like falling / Feel like, feel like falling / Feel like falling up” , ties the listener back to the idea of his lover's angelic, unearthly presence that can only be described as Heaven-like.

The Berlin-raised singer, Clide, first achieved critical acclaim in 2020 with his EP “In My Mind”. His hit record, “Broken parts” garnered a little over 13 million streams on Spotify alone. Clide’s deep love and interest for music stemmed during his early childhood, as his parents were both respected musicians. Today, Clide continues to express his individuality through his music and songwriting as a way to influence listeners and spark conversation among many. To show your support, please check out his social medias below!

Written By: Kasey D.



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