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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Falling For You" - Bo Weber x Lissy

Love is a beautiful thing-- having that special someone to make you feel as if you're on top of the world when you hold their hand in yours. It's so hard to find someone to match with you on so many things, someone you want to spend all of your free time with, and someone to make everything a little more exciting. Bo Weber, a Minneapolis pop artist, and singer/songwriter Lissy, managed to defeat those small odds through a dating app and have collaborated on this new fun pop track titled "Falling For You" to talk about the lovely things that they've experienced through making this relationship happen.

"Falling For You" is a song co-written by Bo Weber and Lissy. The couple wrote this song to talk about what diving headfirst into a new relationship feels like: the love, the uncertainties, and the desire to get close a little too fast. With this fun and upbeat track, they describe the small things that happen with falling in love, noticing the little things that remind them of each other, and seeing how they make each other want to be a better person. The song is backed with a flowy melody, paired with sweet lyrics like, "I think I'm fallin'/Falling for you" and the music video is no less lovely. The video is made up of short videos the couple has taken with each other throughout their relationship, showing an authentic example of the love they describe in the track.

With this new feel-good pop track, Bo Weber returns to the music scene after three years. "Falling For You" features his girlfriend and fellow singer/songwriter Lissy. Weber started his solo music career in 2015 and since then has released singles such as "California Babe" and "Is It Wrong"; he also currently has one album called "Wendy" released in 2017 and dedicated to his late mother. "Falling For You" is Lissy's debut single, even though the talented singer has been writing songs since she was eight years old. She's expected to have a more personal stripped-down style with her upcoming releases, where we can see more of who Lissy is as a musical individual.

Written by Jane Katryn




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