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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Falling For You" - Josh Holmes

"Falling For You" begins with a choir of birds chirping peacefully. The beautiful single from singer/songwriter, Josh Holmes, responds to this natural display with his own: affection. Holmes paints a direct and effective portrait of a girl he—as the title suggests—has fallen in love with. A tender, acoustic ballad takes shape over three minutes as the Coventry-based artist expresses a delightfully heartfelt love-letter. True love, he believes, should feel as natural as a bird's song.

It's hard not to be charmed by Holmes' doe-eyed adoration. "I wanna spend every minute with you" holds an infectious purity: rare at a time when cynicism is ever present in art. The cool breeze of the songwriting—bright guitar strumming and pleasant vocal harmonies—reflects this innocence perfectly. Most artists might jump at the temptation to sour this mood with a "too good to be true" angle, but Holmes smartly shows restraint. "I wanna tell you something that no one else knows," he provides earnestly. Sincerity breathes a freshness and familiarity throughout "Falling For You."

While his current solo project as the artist Josh Holmes is relatively new, the singer/songwriter has been writing and recording music for much longer. Based in Coventry, Holmes began writing music as a member of band projects as well as releasing covers. In 2021, however, he began releasing under his own name as a solo artist. With collaborations in writing, producing, and video content, the polish of his latest releases is undeniably stellar. "Falling For You" arrives as his second single release of 2022, after "Falling In Love Again" in February.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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