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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Familiar " - modernlove.

A breakup can happen in stages. When it happens, you have this initial rush of anger and sadness. It makes you rip apart all your pictures and eat endless gallons of chocolate ice cream. After a while, you become tired of being sad. You cheer up and embrace a newfound freedom. This is great feeling. However, it may not take much for the initial sadness to come rushing back. Modernlove’s song, “Familiar,” is a song about what happens when the sadness returns.

I like how the whole song seems to be someone’s inner thoughts. The first verse is about seeing an ex-lover across the bar after a long time apart. Our protagonist wants to talk to her, but she is oceans away with another date. Therefore, he has no choice but to appease his sadness with memories. I also liked the progression of the song. That is, how the music starts of slow and then speeds up. For a music video, I am imagining a guy sitting at a bar with the slow intro to the song. When he sees his ex in the crowd of people, the music speeds up.

Modernlove is an Irish boy band. “Familiar” is the title track off of their most recent EP. If you want to hear more of them, I recommend “Follow You”, which is another song on the EP. It is more a little more upbeat than “Familiar” and has a great summertime sound. It makes me want to drive down the road and into the sunset.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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