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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Famous" - Zoe Sparks

Zoe Sparks's latest release is a jazzy pop song that analyzes Gen Z’s unique experience of growing up in the age of social media where overnight fame is no longer unheard of. “Famous” explores her personal experience with this and the impact it has on her career and social life. The song immediately begins with her singing the hook: “All my friends are famous.” She then starts to compare herself to those around her, reflecting on their luck within the industry. Her friends have earned their big break, blowing up on Instagram and TikTok, while Sparks is still waiting on her moment. In the final chorus, Sparks changes one of the previous lyrics from “All my friends are famous//And it’s like I never existed” to “All my friends are famous// And all I get is rejected.” Both of these lyrics are heartbreaking, yet the shift catches the listener off guard. The first represents her reasonable resentment and jealousy toward her friends, but the second shifts the focus towards the hurt caused by the industry itself. Despite her clear talent and passion, Sparks has not received the big break she deserves. That overnight TikTok fame has not hit her like it has hit her friends, but it is not their fault. Or hers. It is the broken industry that often overlooks natural talent—including Triple Threats like Sparks. Throughout the track, the audience can sense her strong devotion to her craft and empathize with her frustration. With any luck, “Famous” will be Sparks’s breakout single and she will finally get the spotlight she deserves.

Despite the emotionally charged lyrics that leave listeners brokenhearted for Sparks, “Famous” is an upbeat, jazzy pop song that plays on repeat in their minds. The track begins with a bass and steady drum beat that sets the tone for the song. Sparks’s strong vocals lead the audience through the track, keeping them hanging on to her every word. The song continues through the chorus, where the saxophone is added, further boosting the lively atmosphere. In the verse, the saxophone takes the back seat, only making its appearance between lines, pulling a greater emphasis on the honest lyrics. Then, as the chorus picks up, the saxophone is more apparent. Every instrument works together to provide an upbeat, cheerful melody that beautifully contrasts the despondent lyrics. With “Famous”, Sparks showcases her unmistakable talent with the infectious melodies and relatable storytelling.

Zoe Sparks is a singer, songwriter, and bassist from Los Angeles. She is now based in Boston, where she graduated from Berklee College of Music. Her sound is a genre-blending mix of funk, soul, R&B, and pop. She made her debut in 2020 with her single, “Admit It”. Then in 2020, she released her first EP, I Need a Win. Sparks marks her seventh single with “Famous”. She is known for her live performances in the New England region, and has opened for artists such as Lawrence, Del Water Gap, and Victor Wooten. Her winter tour on the East Coast began on January 14th and will end on January 29th. Check out her socials to find out if she is coming to a city near you!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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