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  • Rachael Bach

Review: "Farewell to my Youth" - Emily Ricks

“Farewell to my Youth” by Emily Ricks is a punk pop ballad that chronicles the hardships and grief that comes with growing up. Through her vulnerable and honest storytelling, Ricks paints a vivid picture of what it feels like to lose the rose colored glasses of childhood. Right from the first verse, I was hit by the emotional blow of her talking about the pride that came with guessing who Santa Claus was and how he was just a fictional character created by her parents, ending the verse with “Now I’m just sad that they’re all gone.” Ricks lost not only her sense of wonder but battles the grief of losing her dad too. In the chorus, she perfectly captures the common feeling of wanting to grow up when you’re a child but when you actually do, the disappointment that comes with it, saying “Some days I wish I never/grew up to face the cold hard truth/That everyone you love you’re gonna lose/And the older you get the more confused” in her hard-hitting chorus. She describes her anxiety, her craving love like in the fairytales she grew up watching but then saying “some trauma broke my trust,” and how she can’t even envision her wedding the same way she used to because her dad won’t be there. It’s a heartbreaking song that everyone can relate to, as growing up and having to face the hardships of adulthood is inevitable.

Despite the melancholy tone of its lyrics, “Farewell to my Youth” maintains a more upbeat, punk rock production that adds emotional intensity and creates an anthemic feel that people can rally behind. I imagine people screaming this song at the top of their lungs, finding acceptance in the catharsis. Electric guitar accompanies the more powerful moments in the song, and the verses are powered by drums and piano. Ricks’ vocal growls add intensity, with her adopting a softer tone in the most vulnerable moments of the song. I liked the nursery rhyme that played right after the bridge, with the words “Ashes, ashes we all fall down” having a darker undertone in the context of the song. The irony of that being sung by children with childlike innocence but it meaning something entirely different with an adult perspective really perfectly captures the message of the song as a whole. The production overall has a distinctive style that pays homage to her abilities as a musician, and I look forward to hearing more.

At 23, Emily Ricks, a self-proclaimed loner and music addict, found solace in melodies while growing up on a remote ranch north of Los Angeles. Despite a childhood marked by solitude, she stumbled into the entertainment world with a role in Toy Story 3 at age 7. However, it was the loss of her father at 12 that drove her to music as a form of solace and expression. Over a decade, she honed her craft, crafting a distinctive style blending vulnerable lyricism with robust bass lines and haunting minor tones. Ricks, now ready to share her journey with the world, invites listeners into her emotive narratives, turning dark emotions into accessible stories of resilience and hope.

Written By Rachael Bach



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