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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Fault Lines" - Magdalia

As much as you desire to, it can be very difficult to keep together a relationship that has been doomed from the beginning. In Magdalia’s latest single “Fault Lines” she explores a relationship that has been shaky and difficult for a while, and you can only do so much to keep it together. The song is tragic and deeply emotional, and it breaks your heart to be a witness to this situation. There’s a great vocal performance achieved by Magdalia on this track, and it certainly matches the energy of the song. The song perfectly executes uncovering the ugly truth of troubling relationships and how painful they can be even when you’re fighting hard to maintain them. “Fault Lines” is worth the listen as it is very vulnerable and allows Magdalia to show off her talent.

The production style and piano in the beginning really shape the ambiance of the song and are a great way to prepare listeners for the rest. The constant references to the earth cracking beneath their feet is what really brings the song to life as it puts the listeners into the mind of the speaker. As mentioned before, Magdalia sounds hauntingly beautiful on this track, and you can truly hear the pain in her voice. The chorus is powerful, and it expresses that moment of defeat when you can no longer hold together what has been breaking for this long. One line that stands out is “And the world it said, you were never meant to shine,” because it really shows how out of our control these situations can be, and why it’s so difficult to even try to change fate. Overall, this song is powerful and Magdalia shines bright on “Fault Lines.”

Magdalia is an independent artist from Melbourne, Australia. She is inspired by many artists such as Florence & The Machine, Lorde, and Taylor Swift. While you can hear these influences in her music, she still has a very unique style throughout her work, and it is proof of the powerhouse she can be. She has been doing well and gaining traction through competitions and charts, like the 2023 Listen Up Songwriting Prize and the Real Songwriters of Melbourne. With her song “Fault Lines,” we can see why Magdalia receives so much credit for her songwriting and it will certainly be exciting to see what she will do next.

Written By Chantal Charles


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