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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Feels Like" - Ryan Clark

“Feels Like” by Ryan Clark seems an incomplete title, as is his intention. A song reflecting the feeling of dedication whilst being first and foremost dedicated to improving upon oneself. Love, but refusing to come to full terms with it, and a subtle confusion on what exactly this does “feel like”. He perfectly encapsulates the overwhelming sense of connection to another person within these feelings by framing the song to hold his sensual descriptions of their interactions at the forefront in a catchy, flashy chorus. But it is what he says in between these bursts that seem to reflect his true thoughts. “Feels Like” is a challenge to discover just that, to read in between the lines and find a sense of feeling within the music.

The song begins with scattered techno beats that introduce the upbeat pop theme carried throughout it. “Lost in the garden of desire” Clark sings to set the scene for his affections, and the confusion around them. He quickly introduces the chorus, a memorable one that compels the listener to sing along after the first listen and a beat that’s sure to be repeating in your head long after the song has finished. As he offers more emotional lyricism and descriptive scenarios, the music slows and sounds nearly acoustic, but in keeping with his theme this lasts only a moment before the song becomes active again. When he comes to his final rendition of these more heartfelt, slower paced confessions, a woman's voice accompanies him in the background, seemingly the woman he sings of. The song comes to a close with the echo of both their voices.

Ryan Clark was born adjacent to a city of celebrity, hailing from Albany originally, but was the first of his family to pursue it, at least musically. He instead found his inspiration in iconic artists he listened to throughout his youth such as Charlie Puth and John Mayer. Now, he’s performing among artists reaching those statuses, most recently opening for O.A.R. and David Nail whilst living in the city of live music, Nashville. He’s following this affinity for live performance on tour right now, traveling from Florida to Michigan. His crowd is sure to be an impressive one with his online presence alone growing daily, he currently boasts over 23k on Instagram and 11k on Spotify with over 400k streams on his most popular release. Join this amassing fanbase now by following Ryan Clark below and streaming “Feels Like”.

Written By Hailey Schap


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