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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Feels Like Summer" - David Nolf & Bradley Denniston

It's a great pleasure to have David Nolf's music back on the blog! In the last song we reviewed, "Heartless", he made us feel the overwhelming intensity of toxic love that results in a break-up. This time around though, Nolf is not only once again accompanied by Bradley Denniston, but is also providing audiences a taste of a different kind of love. "Feels Like Summer" details a young love that's just begun to blossom.

"Feels Like Summer" describes how effortless, sweet, and carefree young love is through light synths, a strong drumming tempo, and Nolf's sonorous vocals. The song opens with a light echoing of the title before giving the listener a catchy drum beat before Nolf chimes in with the lyrics. The lyrics perfectly capture how we remember and think of young love as a series of tender moments that make us feel warm all over like a summer sun. From moments like "driving down the coastline staring at your best side" to "lock[ing] hands so we didn't have to walk alone", it makes a listener nostalgic for a love that came with ease. It's the summer tune everyone needs in their playlist to get into the summer mood and to maybe find some summer love, too.

Nolf is a Pop-EDM artist that's been singing in the music scene since 16. Meanwhile Denniston is the CEO and founder of Radium Records, and has worked on multiple musical projects. The two met through Denniston's music production company, Radium Media, where Nolf originally was hired as a salesperson for the company. Denniston quickly recognized that Nolf's musical talents outweighed his sales performance and decided to create music with him. After they collaborated on "Heartless", the two decided to produce a song with a happier takeaway - or as we know it now, "Feels Like Summer". If you're looking for more bops to listen to, definitely send some virtual love in the form of streams their way.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille




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