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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Fighter" - Matilde G

Photo cred: Alessia Bulani

"Fighter" by Matilde G displays her personal struggles, showcasing her journey of resilience and taking control of her life. The song shares her decision to choose a healthy path to healing, rejecting quick-fix solutions like pills. Matilde is determined to have a more transformative process, working on herself and fighting the inner demons that she faces. Despite the difficulties she encounters, she refuses to give up. She acknowledges feeling weak during her battle, but her strength and belief in herself fuels her determination to reclaim her normal self. The song serves as a powerful anthem of self-empowerment, highlighting the challenges faced on the path of personal growth and the strength required to overcome them.

The song begins with the singer being on the verge of conforming to societal norms when she contemplates the thought of taking a pill “Just to fit in” because she “Ran out of hope.” This suggests that she was battling something personal and needed an escape in order to feel better. There's a common tendency for people to use drugs as an easier gateway for temporary relief rather than diving deep into solving an internal struggle and working on themselves in order to heal. Despite these challenges, she highlights her determination to keep going and chooses her heart over her mind when it comes to killing off “The demons inside.” She understands that she’s in charge of her own life, meaning that she is the only one who can turn it around and win the fight. Battling depression, anxiety or other mental health issues is difficult, but the support of friends, family and even yourself can help immensely. It's a journey, but Matilde is showing her listeners that there are healtheir ways to fight it - with the most important takeaways here being to choose your heart, keep going, and win the fight. During the chorus, we can hear that the beat has dropped, her voice has projected, her tone sounds more confident and she repeats the affirmation: “I am a fighter. I’m on fire. Let me burn”, which represents her desire to overcome this hardship and stand strong. She then decides that, “There's no pill that can save me. No prescription can cure what I got”, which shows her rejecting quick fixes, but also the realization that healing comes from within. It comes from your heart. She’s alive and she’s going to fight in order to heal and grow from her personal struggles.

Matilde G is an independent 18 year old singer and songwriter from Italy, but currently based in Singapore. She has nearly 200,000 monthly Spotify listeners, with many songs surpassing 1 million streams. She has been featured in many big publications, such as Billboard Italia, Billboard Vietnam, CNA, and TGCOM24 Italia. She received the “MUSIVV Award” in Dubai for being the best singer to reside out of the Middle East, and later asked to perform on Dubai’s national channel, DubaiOne TV. Matilde’s previous single, “Hypocrite” was also featured on MTV in the US, where she states its where she belongs. Check out Matilde G’s latest single, “Fighter” out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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