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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Final Girl" - Eva Rose

Eva Rose latest release is a grunge-style, horror themed track released right in time for Halloween. “Final Girl” takes the story of a previous relationship and twists it into the dark, horror movie trope of the same name. Being a final girl in a horror movie means the character is the only one that survived the killer’s terror and lived to tell the story. Rose comparing this trope to a former partner reveals the relationship as the nightmare it truly was, and the dark place she was in while with them. The second verse contains a string of lyrics that paints the toxic relationship in a very morbid, yet clear image. Rose sings, “And I swore I would mean more than the trophies you hide in your floorboard// I always believed I would make it to the summer// I guess there’s a reason the rest of them were runners.” She references the previous girls that her former partner used and disposed of, like a serial killer in a slasher film. When Rose got into this relationship, she was unaware of these “trophies” from past relationships, but now that she knows their true character, she understands why all the other girls ran. “Final Girl” instantaneously catches the attention of listeners and leaves them astonished by the absolute masterpiece Rose created.

“Final Girl” mixes alternative-rock and ethereal-pop sounds to create an infectious track. Filled with dark and mysterious imagery, the song is expected to have a grunge atmosphere to it. The track begins with a single electric guitar that is soon paired with the smooth drums. As the chorus begins, Rose adds a distorted electric guitar, creating the unique multi-layered guitar effect. Rose’s heavenly vocals guide the listener through the story of a twisted romance. The end of the chorus is topped off with the soothing bass guitar that compliments the grunge style. Consisting of an upbeat melody, the production remains steady throughout the majority of the song. Then at the bridge, the song explodes with a vocal effect that highlights the climax. The entire track is full of life and imagery that fans cannot help but to fall in love with Rose all over again.

Eva Rose is an independent singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, now based in New York City. As an Alt-Pop artist, her music is a blend of whimsical indie pop and melancholy lyrics. Rose made her debut in 2021 with the lead single from her EP of the same name, “Out of Lives”. “Final Girl” is the third release of 2022, marking a new era of music for her. With her immense talent, Rose not only writes for herself, but has lent her songwriting skills to other artists in both Los Angeles and New York. Her music has been featured on Spotify’s “text me back” playlist and Fresh Finds series. Despite a recent debut, Rose has already proven her rightful place in the Alt-Pop world.

Written By Karlee Smith



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