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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Final Show" - Paul Vinson

Think about a time in your life where you felt like the world was open just for you. That something huge was going to happen, and that it was going to be epic. Sometimes these feelings come once in a lifetime, so acting on them needs to happen as sudden as you get them. It's this feeling that drives the phenomenal new track from indie artist Paul Vinson. The track is vivid in its lyrics, depicting an epic love story for the ages.

The track features a unique indie, almost country like groove. The track starts with a pick slide, but it’s autotuned and cuts off kind of like turning off a VHS tape. The instrumentation features guitars, and drums at the forefront. The guitars have almost a country twang, and they help push Vinson's vocals to the front. Vinson's voice has a nice level of grit, that you can even hear when he goes into his falsetto. There is even a guitar solo around the three minute mark of the track, creating an all around epic atmosphere. All of the sonics together help make the listener get lost in the song, which happened to me as I listened to the track. The lyrics are vivid, and tell a love story of greater proportions. They seem to allude to the idea that the person Vinson is in love with is in another relationship, "We kissed in front of strangers, on the cheek, but never too hard." But the two have no care for what others say, they know they're made for better things, "So let's give 'em a show, give em a run for their money // Let's give them a night that they won't forget." In which the final line brings to life a dramatic ending to their 'final show,' "Carry me home, tonight."

Paul Vinson is an indie artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. "Final Show," is the third single from Vinson's upcoming debut album slated for fall release entitled Tunnel Vision. It is preceded by two other phenomenal singles, "Keep Up" and "Drama Queen." Vinson released his debut EP in 2021 entitled "God Get Me Out of Here." Vinson's music creates a trance inducing atmosphere unlike anything you've heard. Vinson is sure set for stardom, and deserves to be in your immediate rotation.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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