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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "FireAlarm (feat. Karl Wolf)" - Dani Doucette

“FireAlarm” by Dani Doucette, featuring Karl Wolf, is a bright and fast paced song all about perseverance and breaking through barriers. Meant as an anthem of resilience, Dani sings all about staying unyielding and summoning the courage to stay strong in the face of obstacles. Channeling into her identity as a woman in a world that wants to push her down, this song urges you to rise from the ashes and to protect your flame from people who want to put your fire out. “FireAlarm” is perfect for anyone who feels like they’re constantly having to fight against the world or others who want to see them fail, as it reminds you that you’re stronger than you think you are and that you can overcome whatever is thrown your way!

“FireAlarm” is an upbeat and fast paced song that keeps the energy high the entire three minutes, urging you to get up and dance. Starting with a bright electronic melody, you’re thrust right into the motion of the song before Dani Doucette’s smooth and compelling vocals slide you into the first verse. Karl Wolf, songwriter and producer, fits right in on the way to the chorus, his lower register complimenting Dani’s higher one. The chorus is vivid and pulsing, and compellingly catchy, and you’re stuck in the rhythm of the song as it repeats this pattern, going through the second verse and a second rendition of the chorus. This song is so energetic and fun, perfect for a club or for just a dance party with your friends! Either way, this is one that’ll be instantly on repeat.

Dani Doucette is an R&B and Pop artist based in Toronto, Canada. Having grown up in a musical family, Dani has been filled with a love for music her whole life, and started singing and songwriting at six years old. Before COVID, Dani actually had a very successful modeling career, but when the lockdowns started she relaunched her music career and took advantage of a new kind of live performance: drive-in shows. With strong determination and perseverance, Dani Doucette found her way through a rough period for musicians, coming out on the other side with a large and loyal fanbase that loves her unique upbeat sound. She released her first EP, Run With Me, in 2022, and has been releasing more singles ever since. Click on the links below to explore more of her music!

Written By Morgan Fischer

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