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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Fish Tacos" - Space Nat

Space Nat recently released her latest single titled "Fish Tacos," a piece about remembrance of the good and the bad. We all experience undeniable happiness, fear, and contentment, all experiences that give us life. This song captures the powerful and raw emotion which we feel in these moments. "Fish Tacos" encapsulates the calm before the storm and translates that sort of stillness into wonderful melodies and lyrics. Most times people only remember the good or bad aspects of past situations, but Space Nat makes it a point to keep every single experience locked in your memory.

Kicking off with calming piano keys, Space Nat introduces her vocals to the piece. Calm and soothing, her voice beautifully captures the pure love and pain that she wrote this song about. As she sings, she tells the story of wonderful memories of her love and how it all came crashing down. "I remember eating fish tacos talking about God," "Now that we said our goodbyes and moved away from the neighborhood," and "Could have run should have run but I chose to stay with you there." She also makes this incredible connection between their love and the sun. She sings about how they were "flying too close to the sun," eluding to their eventual demise. Her lyricism is so graceful and perfectly expresses the love and pain she endured in this situation.

Space Nat makes indie-pop music that exists right where the night sky and the horizon meet. Equal parts dreamy and grounded, she sets intimate moments to soaring, emotional instrumentals a la Kacey Musgraves with a little bit of Dawes and some St. Vincent sprinkled in. A child of Los Angeles and an honorary resident of Nashville, Space Nat lives for a contradiction. She twists her classical training with a singer-songwriter’s vulnerability and her own synth-pop sensibilities. She has played staple LA venues like The Mint and The Hotel Cafe. Her latest single, “hit me up”, is a hard-hitting indie rock ballad about love and loss. Nat combines classic songwriting with indie rock elements to deliver a unique yet timeliness sound.

Written By Melina Darlas



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