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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Flip the Switch" - Asher Angel

Being in the spotlight and having millions of eyes on you isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It can come with people that try to project hate and negativity onto you, as a way to try and bring your light down. Your personality or content can spread positivity or authenticity, but there's always those haters that want to shut it down. Spreading positivity uplifts people, but for some strange reason, there's always those negative nancies hiding behind the phone with post notifications turned on, ready to spam the comments with hate. It's giving jealousy or secret fan. But what I love about Asher Angel's latest song, “Flip the Switch,” is that it highlights maintaining his confidence in his own skin, no matter what comes his way or who's watching. The haters and comments aren’t affecting him at all, as he shares that he wants to continue highlighting only positivity by posting whatever make him happy.

Hate and negativity is seen everywhere, everytime you scroll. Whether it's a hate comment or a post directed towards Asher, it’s exhausting. So, Asher flips the switch on that. In this super poppy, upbeat and catchy track, he tells everyone in the first verse that he’s a: “Sharp shooter, give me any target I hit it. Next up, put me in a game I won’t quit. Won’t freeze even though I’m so cold.” The “sharp shooter” metaphor indicates precision in skill in overcoming the hate. He’s implying that he can handle it as he remains strong and true to himself. Anything negative coming in his direction is flipped. It's flipped by showcasing more and more of himself. The confidence and comfortability in who he is. The pre-chorus lyrics: "Everything I do is intentional. Double down, I'mma let 'em know" implies that he wants the things he posts or the way he carries himself to be very clear for the haters, but in a positive way. He's saying that the message is to show how he's committed to being himself infront of everyone, and is promoting the posivity in that. The hate isn't welcome here, and it isn't stopping him either.

Asher Angel is a 21 year-old singer, songwriter and actor from Paradise Valley, Arizona. He kicked off his career with acting, starring in movies: Shazam!, Shazam! Fury of the Gods, On Fire, Darby and the Dead, and the Disney Channel TV show Andi Mack. Along the way, he’s released an album, and several singles gathering millions of streams. His most streamed single is a collaboration with Wiz Khalifa titled, “One Thought Away” that has garnered over 12 million streams on Spotify, and was the number one trending video on Youtube for 3 days. “Flip the Switch” is Asher's first single since “One on One” (2022) which was featured in Darby and the Dead. Asher’s musical return is exciting, and we can’t wait to see what's next! Keep up with Asher by clicking on the links below, and check out “Flip the Switch,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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