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  • George McSherry

Review: "Fool's Gold" - Luc As Rich

'Fool's Gold' sits curiously at the intersection of uplifting and melancholic. The track will have you brooding, but with a smile on your face as it pulls some slick, sharpened memories to the forefront of your mind, only to dull their blades through the relatability that proves you are not alone in your hardships, romantic or otherwise. Though perfectly suited for contemplative listening through headphones with eyes closed, the song's versatility is undeniable. It would find a place to squeeze into for just about any vibe.

Smooth electronic production underpins the track allowing the fine-tuned elements of R&B and bedroom pop to shine through. Pitched-up croons that detail the frustration of wasted love reverberate above the boom-bap drum loops and waves of bass that bolster the energetic chorus. Steel drums filter in to provide a tropical feel post-chorus, closing out the catharsis of the song in tangible positivity.

Having previously released music under the moniker Lucq, Luc as Rich is the mental health project of Amsterdam-based producer and singer where he aims to prove that his search for wealth is immaterial, finding true value in his music and the experiences that come along with his artistic journey. He seeks to replicate the degree of charm and emotion ascribed to fairy tales, placing heavy emphasis on visuals to compliment the music and better connect with his audience during live performances.

Written By George McSherry



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