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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "For the First Time" - Buddy Won't Tell

Layered with meaning and difficult reflections, Buddy Won't Tell's single, "For the First Time," tackles complex emotions over the end of a relationship and second-guessing life choices. The first line of "For the First Time" sets the tone for the track's narrative, beginning with the band cathartically screaming, "You could never love me." Throughout the song, the lead singer John Lawrence mulls over this old flame, bittersweetly admitting that his ex is always on his mind despite him wanting to move on. While struggling to let go of this relationship, Lawrence expresses some doubts in his career with the lyrics, "I'm afraid that maybe I've been doing this for too long/I'm afraid that maybe I should quit and get a real job."

Despite the heavy material in the lyrics, the sound in "For the First Time" is remarkably bright, giving the song's narrative a compelling juxtaposition. The light-hearted track has a strong pop-rock soundscape, featuring energetic drums, blazing guitar riffs, and infectious melodies. Incorporating some feelings of nostalgia, Buddy Won't Tell's sound in "For the First Time" is reminiscent of the early 00's emo bands everyone loves. Between John Lawrence's vocals and the track's instrumentals, "For the First Time" has an addictive essence comparable to acts like All Time Low, Mayday Parade, BOYS LIKE GIRLS, and The All-American Rejects.

Pop-rock band Buddy Won't Tell is on the rise, releasing banger after banger this year. The trio consists of John Lawrence, Jasper Joyner, and Ryan Briddes. Lawrence, the band's frontman, started Buddy Won't Tell around the beginning of the pandemic, wishing to build an interactive community around their music. Explaining some of the motivation behind his creations, Lawrence states, "As an artist, I find my biggest successes to be in self-exploration. When I’m writing for me, I feel a lot better about my work, and it brings me back to the reasons I do this. In my mind, that fulfillment is the pinnacle of success." Buddy Won't Tell has been hard at work building an impressive catalog, having several singles and an album, STOP HITTING YOURSELF, available to stream. Some of their popular releases include "Ms Understood," "Hung Up," and "Honest."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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