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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "For You" - Patrik Jean

I’ve been to several weddings in my life. One of my favorite parts is the first dance at the reception. The moment is beautiful - the couple getting to revel in the fact that they’re now married. Something I’m not too fond of is the same songs being played for these first dances. The rotation is so repetitive it can be easily guessed what the couple will dance to. Here to solve this problem is Patrik Jean with his new song, ‘For You’. This sweet ballad has Jean baring his soul to his partner. He speaks of his undying love for them and how nothing could break the relationship the couple share. Anyone looking for a first dance song should be considering, ‘For You’. This song evokes the beauty that is love and is the perfect soundtrack for an everlasting relationship.

Until the pre-chorus, Jean’s vocals are only accompanied by piano. The first verse has the lyrics, “I never thought that I would find/ A love like the one that’s in your eyes/ It feels like I waited all my life/ For someone like you”. This quiet beginning introduces Jean’s emotion while also setting up his love story. As the song progresses, Jean explains that he didn’t think he’d be able to love someone in the way he loves his partner. Not only do the lyrics tell a love story, but they are also a reminder that a great romance can come to anyone, even if you don’t expect it. As the song builds to the chorus, a string section joins the piano. These new elements boost the songs overall romanticism. With the added instrumentation, Jean’s vocals are given an extra layer of emotion. He holds nothing back as he put his whole heart into this declaration of love. A song that expresses a love so deep is one that should be shared to couples everywhere, especially ones committing the rest of their lives to one another.

Starting out as a songwriter, Patrik Jean has already amassed several platinum awards. He’s worked with artists such as James Arthur and Callum Scott and had his music featured on shows such as ‘American Idol’. While his work with others is notable, Jean himself has been releasing music independently since 2018. He currently has over 60 million streams and that number is constantly increasing. In 2018, Jean released his first EP, ‘L Is For’. The EP’s first track, ‘Lean On Me’, currently sits at over 15 million streams on Spotify. Jean is currently working to expand his international career, with plans on commuting between Stockholm, London, and LA as the world starts to open back up.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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