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  • Rosalyn Sanchez

Review: "Foreign Feelings" - FION

FION Foreign Feelings Cover Art

Developing a harmless crush on someone can be rather intimidating. Our feelings of a plausible love may be more than certain, yet we still somehow manage to second-guess ourselves and our decisions. Even more so after we have faced previous heartache, trying so hard to turn over a new leaf, practically running away from such daunting emotions just to spare ourselves the stress and apprehension that come with crushing on someone new, dubious on whether or not our hearts and soul can take on a new love after conquering prior heartbreak. These feelings are all too foreign, but, the vehement emotions this crush makes us feel are too strong, and in the end, we give into that natural yearning that aches in our hearts. We find that we are ready to love, after all. “Foreign Feelings” by FION expresses similar emotions in the tune of a harmonious song with lyrics that describe the doubtful sentiments we feel when we develop intimate feelings for someone. Just like the lyrics suggest “I still feel scared” Although we are sure of our feelings, we still can’t help but feel vulnerable and scared of such foreign feelings.

The sound is lighthearted, and the innately talented voice of our singer, FION, adds a delicate touch, lacing the song with the light and airy feelings we experience during such an innocent and heart-racing crush. Listening closer to the song, I notice that the tempo seems to rise, and the speed seems to increase, starting off slow and deliberate, mimicking the very start of a typical crush. Quickly, the tempo of the song changes and the speed is faster, imitating the adrenaline rushes we feel whenever we interact with our crushes– our hearts instantly respond to it. Fion’s emotive voice adds intensity to the song with its heartfelt lyrics that will adeptly resonate with any listeners who have previously experienced similar emotions. I think the song and its expressive lyrics have captured the emotions so accurately, skillfully managing to redirect the song from expressing dubious sentiments at first, to expressing decisive ones at the end of the song.

FION, the incredible artist behind the song “Foreign Feelings”, is a singer and songwriter who resonates most with genres like alternative pop, rock pop, indie pop, and pop! Fion, who is only 21 years old, finds a deep and vehement passion for making music that comes from her very soul. “Foreign Feelings” was Fion’s first single for her very first EP which is coming up in August of this year! Fion has released multiple tracks in the past but this would be her very first EP as a singer! Her most recent song is titled “Save You” which was released on July 5th. Fion enjoys connecting with her listeners and supporters, often interacting with them by uploading snippets of her songs and uploading photos of herself and her journey throughout life. I cannot wait to hear more of Fion’s work, and I will look forward to her EP that comes out this August! Follow her socials to stay in contact with her and indulge in her life as a singer.

Written By Rosalyn Sanchez


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