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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Forget About Me" - The Uncertain

The ability to change and grow is one we are often pressured to suppress. On the latest single, "Forget About Me," by The Uncertain, the NYC pop-rock band declare a total metamorphosis. With pop hooks and alt-rock instrumentation, the trio set ablaze to each word with the force of someone officially sick of the bullshit. The bass, guitars, and drums pack a punch only matched by the lead singer's impressive vocals. Centering around a toxic situation, "Forget About Me" finds a triumphant vindication in squeezing out the poison. If people aren't willing to follow you through change, they're better off forgetting about you.

"Took a trip to find myself / Cause I gotta get away," goes the opening verse. This self-discovery catalyzes the realization that the status quo is no longer sustainable for her. She leaves those who know her the option to "choose to step aside / Or take my hand and join the ride." "Forget About Me" is not a wholesale rejection of old friends, but a turned cheek to those not willing to accept her growth and change. Often we allow ourselves to be entrenched in toxic environments, relationships, or situations because we lack the courage to advocate for our own health. The Uncertain use irresistible pop-rock to encourage this self-preservation and willingness to change in spite of those who may reject it.

The Uncertain are an NYC-based Alt/Pop rock trio. Their style pulls from a wide-range of alternative pop and rock to create a modern sound. Their lyrics are as complex and exploratory as their sound. "Forget About Me" is the band's fifth single, as the group began releasing last year. Each of their songs has an official music video on their youtube page.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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