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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Forget for Me" - Skylar Lee

Skylar Lee’s latest single details the notion that having a photographic memory can be more of a curse than a blessing. “Forget For Me” is a vulnerable break-up song about Lee not being able to move on due to her impressive memory, while her former boyfriend is able to effortlessly forget her. Being able to remember both the bitter ending and all the loving memories from before is a form of self-inflicted torture that she cannot escape from. No matter how hard she tries, she cannot get him out of her mind. In “Forget For Me,” Lee utilizes poetic lyrics that beautifully articulate the hurt and heartache she is experiencing. The listener is immediately introduced to the theme of the track with the insightful lyrics in the first verse: “My memory is practically photographic// Frozen in the feeling it’s post traumatic// You’re a flashback fever dream.” Throughout the remainder of the track, she describes the damage her memory causes her compared to the carefree attitude her ex-boyfriend has. The chorus starts with the lyrics: “I hold onto little things// You fly by ‘em// I pick up on everything// And you’re blinded.” She continues with similar parallels where she struggles to forget and he moves on without a second thought. At the end of the chorus, Lee wraps up these thoughts with the hook: “You’re so good at forgetting me// And I hate that you can’t forget for me.” She is tired of her perfect memory, which normally is considered a good thing. But now, she wishes her former partner could lend her his poor retention so she can forget him like he forgot her. With “Forget For Me,” Lee showcases her characteristic clever lyricism and innate ability to capture audiences’ attention from the very first note.

“Forget For Me” is a beautifully tragic pop song that sneaks a heartbreaking message in through its catchy, upbeat production. The instrumentation radiates the golden glow of a happy summertime anthem. Meanwhile, the lyrics are saturated in deep blue sorrow. Two guitars kick off the song with the chords being strummed rapidly, instantly igniting the energetic atmosphere. When Lee reaches the third line, piano keys hit with each syllable, emphasizing every vulnerable lyric. After this, she continues the verse with an additional muted guitar and a steady drum beat that transitions into the pre-chorus. Paired with Lee’s angelic vocalizations, the guitar becomes more prominent, adding a whimsical element to the track. When the chorus hits, the production switches to only the guitar playing muted power chords and the vocals. This brings emphasis to the lyrics before the explosion into the second half of the chorus. The full production includes the energetic drums and a lively bass that brings the entire track to life and complements Lee’s sweet voice. The production maintains a steady structure throughout the second verse and chorus, continuing into the bridge. But when the final chorus hits, the instrumentation takes a unique spin. The first half begins with only a guitar and delicate synth effects that creates an airy vibe. Then, Lee’s vocals are muffled with only the acoustic guitar for a couple of lines in the middle, before the full production returns for the last half. In the outro, Lee sings the hook, “forget for me,” on repeat, with harmonizing echoes before one final guitar strum and the final line to close out the track. Lee is known for her outstanding infectious pop songs with unforgettable hooks and outstanding vocals, making “Forget For Me” another phenomenal track added to her impressive portfolio.

Skylar Lee is a pop singer-songwriter and producer based in Nashville. Since a young age, she knew music was her passion and when she turned 17, she moved from Pennsylvania to Nashville to pursue her dream. She wears her heart on her sleeve which translates into vulnerable lyrics and creative hooks. Her perfect-pitch ear produces a unique talent when it comes to songwriting. She has already made impressive waves in the music industry, including being featured in Rolling Stone India for two of her 2022 tracks, “Hotel in a Hurry” and “Modern Art.” Additionally, Lee was a Top 25 finalist for the American Songwriting Competition for “Modern Art” and a semi-finalist for the International Songwriting competition for her single, “Too Good to be You.” Following down the path of her inspirations like Maisie Peters, Mimi Webb, Conan Gray, and Dagny, Lee continues to garner more and more fans for herself, and proves that she is on track to be one of the world’s next great pop musicians.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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