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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Forrest" - PEPTALK

This is a feel-good song and the intricate detail to each aspect of the single is openly displayed, from every word to each instrument to the timing of each. PEPTALK knows their way around pop songs. According to PEPTALK, “”Forrest” is an ode to long-term relationships.” The lovers in question seem to be in-tune with each other (“We both hate it when we can’t see eye to eye.”), however, relationships still require work and are never without their difficulties. Laced with beautiful traces of early 2000s nostalgia, this song entices the reader with reference to the movie ‘Forrest Gump”, a melody and lyrics that are hard not to catch onto, and a love story withstanding the test of time in a world where some relationships are over before they even begin, never quite making it past the “situationship” phase.

Although the song does speak about lovers quarreling, it also touches on the life of their romance and how it has blossomed over the years, which leads PEPTALK to state that they wouldn’t change their love “for the world.” I found myself anxiously awaiting the beat drop from the first line and the chorus didn’t disappoint, this song is pop royalty. Speaking about the song, PEPTALK stated that “We wanted to capture a realistic vantage into those less-than-perfect moments with your ‘perfect someone’. “We haven’t talked until the sun rose in a long time.” is a definite example of the raw honesty PEPTALK sought to bring the listener in “Forrest”. This is the evidence of the long-term relationship the group spoke about, speaking of what they haven’t done in a long time, cluing the listener in to the fact that they’ve been together a long time. “Forrest” serves as a gentle reminder to hang tough in relationships that are worth hanging onto, sometimes, the love is enough. In this instance, these two lovebirds are in it for the long haul and seeking to stay together, even if they haven’t talked until the sun rose in a long time. “Just like Forrest telling Jenny, “You’re my girl.”.” is a lyric in this song worth remembering, the love story of Forrest and Jenny is one of many twists and turns and even seeming as if it was over many times throughout their story. However, in the end, Forrest and Jenny cement themselves as endgame and marry. PEPTALK is letting their lover know that they see them as endgame also.

PEPTALK is an Australian band consisting of three members – Jay-Lee Kwan, Lara Frew, and Phoebe Sinclair. When describing themselves, they’ve stated that they are “your wholesome friends giving unsolicited advice.” Being all-female, two thirds queer and two thirds POC, they have stated that they are determined to be the positive representation they longer for growing up. They cite their biggest influences as HAIM, MUNA, and Remi Wolf. PEPTALK currently boasts thousands of followers across their social media, ranging from Facebook to Tik Tok to YouTube. Phoebe is the lead vocalist while Jay-Lee plays the keys and Lara the bass. Each member contributes to the lyricism involved as well as production. Check out “Forrest” as well as PEPTALK’s countless other amazing songs at the links for their socials below!  

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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