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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Forward" - Laura Holliday

Laura Holliday Forward Cover Art

“Forward” delves into the complicated emotions behind rising above repeating your toxic habits. While living in the fog of the toxicity you let define your actions, it is difficult to bring about change. You find yourself on a familiar path, headed towards another treacherous route. The person you have attached yourself to seems all too familiar. They excuse each trait you have have slowly come to associate with toxicity. This pattern you have allowed yourself to become consumed by feels like a trap. As you come closer to the new source of negativity, you come to a realization; you can’t allow this to happen again. The toxicity you held onto with a tight grip no longer serves you. The vivid red flags you once draped yourself in now burn at the touch. Each trait and dangerous sign repel you. Although you still carry the effects of your past, you make a vow with yourself to never look back. The only way to continue down a clear and safe path is to move forward on it.

“Forward” is a dream pop and alt pop anthem that focuses on the vocality as a means of leading the single and defining it. The vocals are prominently displayed as the instrumentals navigate through with a dream-like sweetness. On most but not all lines, a harmony accompanies the lead vocal. These harmonies add a sweet touch that is pleasantly introduced. Throughout the chorus, modulation is added to the vocals and brings more of these elements together. The harmonies continue here as the modulation picks up. The instrumentals resemble similar alt pop productions and serve to accompany the prominent vocals.

Laura Holliday is a multi-talented singer-songwriter and filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles. She received her BFA in film production from the Art Center College of Design. As a filmmaker and actor, she has written and directed content for Comedy Central Digital and Funny or Die. She effectively takes inspiration from her own personal stories. She makes strides for progressive inclusiveness for chronically ill and disabled creatives. Her music career has recently expanded and she has released a number of singles in the past few years. Make sure to follow her on social media and give “Forward” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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