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  • Thomas Hiscock

Review: "Frames" - Chris Bloom

Mmmm… Why is ‘slow’ just unbelievably sexy? Right? I mean, wooo! What is it about a deep, hard-hitting pocket that is so effective at conveying mood, capturing a mindset? Does a slower tempo help the audience experience a musical moment with more clarity? Connect more effectively? Maybe it’s the space afforded to us as listeners that… well, ‘makes room’ for so much more! Hips start to swing, feet are tapping, fingers are snapping?! Okay, time to relax and settle in… Bringing down the pace but picking up the energy, Chris Bloom has returned, appropriately flowering into bold, beautiful territory with the introspective new cut, “Frames.” Boasting precocious production and a multi-instrumental approach, the LA-based singers’ newest offering is the epitome of ‘sexy!’ Instilling resilience and radiance in his listeners, this number has not only an attractive form, but fearless function!

With silken delivery, this powerful single is sure to put Chris Bloom on your listening radar!

Drawing from the watered-down emo of the 2010’s, Chris Bloom incorporates strained, breathy vocals, minimalist production, and the contrast of ‘orchestral’ textures with ‘cathartic’ delivery–to piece together an anthem that inspires awe… as much as angst… Diving into “Frames,” my immediate reaction was “blackbear!” The sensitive crooning, velvet vocals, and painful feeling that Bloom was hurting even while trying to help [the audience], felt familiar, yet refreshing in its own right. The singer’s quick delivery and hip hop ethos was fun, fresh, yet always balanced by a strong sense of identity… His flexible approach and tendency to paint with different colors reminded me of other R&B luminaries such as The Weeknd or Frank Ocean… While stripped down and sensitive, there’s a certain edge that makes this track so tangible for the listener; crying out to ‘backroads’ and ‘Backwoods,’ there’s even a rebellious aura surrounding “Frames!” Bloom makes his intentions clear, standing with the audience, holding space for serenity and suffering… As the track comes to a close, the production choice to put the vocals ‘behind the curtain’ [so-to-speak], is critical, a choice that hammers home this sense of disconnect and all the words still waiting to be said… all that we are… and all that we can be!

Having relocated from his birthplace of Chattanooga, Tennessee, to Los Angeles in 2015, Chris Bloom is someone who, like his music, isn’t bound by dogma or destination… With an innate gift for music and the passion to match, this young artist (b. 1997) has flowered as a singer, instrumentalist, and producer–a lethal set of skills that has him positioned to soar sky high into the future! Tour-tested around North America and even beyond, Chris Bloom is someone to certainly watch as time unfolds! With boundless talent and burning energy, it’s certainly a challenge to fit this young artist in a single frame!

Written By Thomas Hiscock


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