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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Friend" - The Pretty Ugly

Everyone knows the heart-wrenching feeling of getting friend-zoned. It can be devastating and confusing to have such a strong inclination to be with someone, and not have that affection reciprocated. The Pretty Ugly captures these intertwined feelings of desire and disappointment in their new single, ‘Friend’. The song communicates a narrative of loving someone and wanting the best for them, even if you're not meant to be together. ‘Friend’ successfully illustrates the magic of falling for someone, alongside the misery that follows when they don’t choose you. The heavy influences of punk rock instrumentation are beautifully balanced by the addition of delicate keyboard chimes and underlaid vocal harmonies.

Intricate guitar strumming, booming percussion and rich vocals help shape ‘Friend’ into an indie rock anthem. The single’s catchy and electric chorus is reminiscent of the early 2000’s indie punk music scene. The poetic lyricism helps immerse listeners in the song’s overarching theme of longing for love. For instance, the lyrics, “Dancing in the kitchen, with the same song in our minds” present an image of a passionate connection between two people. The Pretty Ugly released a music video for ‘Friend’ which features vintage-like visuals with the utilization of film videography. Beautiful golden lighting, sun flares and static video distortion help to create an aesthetically pleasing video that perfectly accompanies the loving vibes given off in the single.

Based in Yorkshire, The Pretty Ugly is a four-man alternative pop/rock band. The group has been busy creating music this year, with the releases of ‘Friend’, ‘That’s Such A Girl Thing To Say’ and ‘All The Time’ which has already amassed over 11.3k streams on Spotify alone, the platform where they have gained 8.5k monthly listeners. The band consists of James Swift, lead singer and guitarist, Joe Cottam, who plays drums, Dan Cottam, lead guitarist and keyboard player and Sam Vickers on bass. The Pretty Ugly has their own website where you can find contact information for bookings and a gallery featuring photos from some of the band’s performances and photoshoots. According to their social media, the band’s last three singles are a part of an upcoming album. The Pretty Ugly will be presenting their new album for the first time on Friday, December 30th at The Leopard, a pub and music venue in Doncaster.

Written By Julia Hooper



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