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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Friends, Right?" - AMWIN

Are they just friends? Or something more? ‘Friends, Right?’ by AMWIN delves into the fear of confessing love and possibly ruining a friendship as a result. Is the feeling really mutual? If I admit my feelings for them, will they view me the same way? I get it. No one likes rejection. Plus, you don’t want the existing friendship to become awkward if the other person isn’t ready. “We’ve been doing it so many times, crossed every but the final line; but we’re just friends...right?” AMWIN exposes her heart as she tries to navigate a difficult choice: continue playing along in silence or risk the friendship by speaking on her deepest emotions.

AMWIN beautifully expresses this painful indecision with a tranquil, uplifting melody. “Kissing having fun, but only when we’re drunk; nothing in the daylight, ’cus we’re just friends, right?” Maybe it will work out! There’s a sense of hope brought in as the acoustic guitar brings you much-needed stress relief. Silky-smooth vocals depict AMWIN going with the flow, not wanting to rock the boat of this friendship. The outro is like an introspective phone call, where she musters up the courage to face her fear head-on! While you don’t know the outcome of this endeavor, she hints at the benefits of taking risks like this. You never know what will happen, but maybe that’s not a bad thing!

Amanda Winberg (AMWIN) is a Swedish pop artist who grew up with a love for music. Fascinated by the distinctive sounds of Missy Elliot and Sinead O’ Connor, she forged her own path by building self-confidence around a music career. At 18, she made it onto Swedish Idol and subsequently began defining her hypnotic, yet minimalist pop sound. She’s even devised her own videos, which showcase her cinematic prowess. AMWIN is truly a self-starter who isn’t afraid to chase her dreams! Go check out her debut EP ‘AMWIN in Wonderland’ for another glimpse into her fascinating mind!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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