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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Frustrated" - Harri Pick

Harri Pick’s new single, “Frustrated” is an indie-rock banger that fires back at the media, politicians, and the sheer amount of societal hypocrisy present in our world. “Frustrated” could be interpreted as a critique of the generational gap and the lack of communication and empathy between parents and children. It could also reflect the resentment and anger of young people who feel misunderstood and marginalized by the older generations who have more power and influence in society. The single communicates a narrative of a son living with his neglectful and abusive father, which can be construed as a metaphor for generational trauma on a national scale. Harri’s impressive vocals, exhilarating instrumentation and well-constructed, powerful lyricism make “Frustrated” an entertaining, relatable and meaningful piece of art.

The utilization of synthesizers, drums, bass and guitar gives “Frustrated” an energetic, retro, pop-rock edge. The track’s simple and catchy chord progression and melody allows opportunity for a contrasting, memorable and lively chorus that successfully harnesses that expressive rock sound. The use of distortion, reverb, and other effects on the vocals and instruments, creates a gritty and atmospheric sound that is typical of indie and rock music. Harri Pick’s unique and electric voice is perfect for the rock genre, capable of exerting power, passion and high volume. She sings with a lot of emotion, conveying the frustration and pain of the lyrics. Her energy matches the intensity and mood of the music. Harri has excellent range and tone, and she uses some vocal techniques such as falsetto, vibrato, distortion, belting, and deep vocal runs to add some variety and interest to her singing. She also uses vocal layering to harmonize with herself in some parts of the song, creating a fuller and richer sound. The outstanding instrumentation and fierce vocals present in “Frustrated” make it a vibrant indie-rock anthem communicating the continuous anger made prominent by politics, society and the media.

Based in London, raised in Somerset, Harri Pick is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter. Harri first began writing and recording music in 2016. She is a graduate from The London College of Music, where she cultivated her unique sound and identity. Her music pulls inspiration from the pop, rock and indie genres. Harri’s debut single, “Silver Lining” was released in 2020, has accumulated over 1.8k streams on Spotify and received an accompanying official music video. Since then, she has released tracks such as “Hellhole”, “Just Wait” and “Hometown” which alone garnered over 2.6k streams on Spotify. Likewise, in 2020 she appeared on the track, “Certain Feelings” by Alex Edwin, a recording artist based in Brighton. In 2021, Harri released her debut EP, “Dying Youth” which features five songs. More recently Harri released “Broke”, a track where she blends the sounds from artists such as Sam Fender and Beabadoobee into her own distinct sound. Harri’s music can be discovered in public playlists such as, “Now Watching”, “New British Rock: Rising Bands from the UK”, “The Emotive Edge of Rock” and “UK Rock 2023” which alone has over 7.6k likes on Spotify. Keep an eye out for Harri Pick as her sophomore EP, “Dangerous Nostalgia” is set to be released later this year!

Written By Julia Hooper



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