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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "fuck myself" - Manda Malina

Manda Malina is back again with an empowering and catchy pop hit, “fuck myself”. This song focuses in on female sexuality and empowerment, it’s about how you should know your own body and appreciate yourself. So many times, as females, our world revolves around men or our partner. We tend to get in a mindset that we should rely on them for most everything, even when that comes to our sexual lives. However “fuck myself” is a good reminder that you don’t need a man, or another women, to make you feel good, especially when it comes to sex. You’re perfectly capable of doing everything on your own and you don’t need anyone!

“Fuck myself” starts out with subtle bass lines in the synths and mainly focuses on Manda’s sweet, smooth vocals. Manda Malina’s voice sounds like a combination of Ariana Grande and Peach PRC, creating a very fresh vocal sound. The chorus picks up and the synths change the melodic line to be more in your face. It very much makes you feel like you need to be dancing or acting like your modeling. My favorite lyrics were in the chorus when Manda sings, “So I’ll go fuck myself/ yeah I can do it better”. I just think this part is so girl boss and empowering because like hell yeah you can do it better! You go girls, get into it and show everyone how iconic you are, you don’t need a man!

Manda Malina is a rising Swedish pop star having found success in the industry after placing in the h Top 7 of Swedish X factor in 2012. From there, she’s performed her own original song, “Glow” on Eurovision and continued to write original songs that have placed in top chats on iTunes. Manda Malina is a queer/LGBTQ+ artist who makes it her goal for listeners to embrace their sexuality and feminine power. Malina is spreading the messages that need to be heard right now and is doing so through hit Y2k pop songs. You don’t want to skip out on anything from Manda Malina!

Written By Emily Hancock



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