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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Gaslight" - Tess Anderson

Tess Anderson captures the desire to light a match and watch the world burn in her latest single, "Gaslight." The fiery track explores the darker side of pop-rock, expressing a burning anger and festering frustration over how someone has been treating the singer. Lyrically, "Gaslight" weaves the tale of Anderson hitting her breaking point with a toxic individual, presumably a lover, who's been crossing boundaries and telling lies. The antagonist in the song has pushed the singer too far, forcing her to take a stand as she declares, "I'm not staying quiet/There's no way to hide it."

Heavy-hitting and explosive, Tess Anderson channels her frustration through the face melting soundscape of "Gaslight." The pop-rock track features gritty guitar riffs, driving drums, and impactful melodies, laying the foundation for "Gaslight" to be a cathartic anthem. Anderson belts edgy vocals over the aggressive instrumentals, showcasing an attitude that is fed up and refuses to take anymore nonsense. Overall, "Gaslight" feels raw and agitated, reflecting the song's lyrics in a captivating way. It's vengeful and intense, making it worthy of turning the volume up and letting some pent-up emotions break free.

Based in Vancouver, Tess Anderson is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whose journey began at a young age. She started charting her path to her to music industry debut at the age of 12, training as a vocalist and pianist. By 15, Anderson recorded and released a self-produced album under a different name, following with her first sold-out show and national radio play on CBC. After moving to Vancouver in 2016, she received a diploma in songwriting, audio engineering, and music production. Anderson has since gone on to sign her first record deal with BCR in 2019. Some of her many achievements include becoming a finalist in the 2020 Canadian Songwriter Challenge, receiving a 2021 Amplify BC Grant for her upcoming project, and continuing to build an amazing catalog of original tracks. Highlighting her incredible work, some of Anderson's popular songs include "Self Control," "Run," "Prison," and "Never Seems to Fade."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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