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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Gatsby" - Gold Steps

Gold Steps latest EP, It Ain't It, includes the energetic focus single, "Gatsby". The song is an emotionally charged track filled with vulnerability, and references to the classic novel, The Great Gatsby. Lead singer, Liz Mauritz, wrote every song on the album, including “Gatsby”, with a specific person in mind. The lyrics in the song are more direct than the band's previous work, and she hopes it inspires listeners to be authentically themselves as well. The song is about a broken relationship and reminiscing on what could have been. Throughout the track, the lyrics reference the “green light” that Gatsby sees across the bay, signaling the hope he was holding out for his love, before the light went out forever. Gold Steps brilliantly take a classic piece of literature and twist it into a beautiful metaphor for love, longing, and loss. Frequently when The Great Gatsby is referenced in pop culture, it is in regards to the parties, the glamour, and the wealth. Deviating from this trend, the Gold Steps made their song about the true meaning of the novel: hopeless love and relentless longing. “Gatsby” is a phenomenal track that was brilliantly crafted making both pop punk fans and bookworms proud listeners of the band.

Staying true to the pop punk genre, Gold Steps created a fiery track built off of raw emotion. The song takes off immediately with the steady drums. The listener is instantly intrigued by Mauritz’s unique voice as she leads them through the emotional rollercoaster. When the pre-chorus begins, lead guitarist, Zach Duarte, makes his entrance with the upbeat guitar. Simultaneously, Ryan Rivas, the bassist, joins in with the Duarte and effortlessly compliments the guitar. The song begins to pick up, and then bursts into an emotional explosion in the chorus. “Gatsby” is a brilliant nod to a classic novel with such rich imagery, that it is only natural that the song was released with a corresponding music video. With a music video filled with intense emotion and imagery, pinpointing the best part is difficult. However, what stands out the most is how the band uses a green stage light, incorporating the iconic The Great Gatsby reference in the video, as well. The entire video is a perfect representation of the song itself, and the meticulous details Gold Steps inserted in track.

Gold Steps is a pop-punk band formed in 2016. The members consist of lead vocalist, Liz Mauritz, lead guitarist, Zach Duarte, and bassist, Ryan Rivas. In November 2016, they released their debut EP, Louder Than Words. Since then, Gold Steps released several singles and their full-length album, Incandescent. The band went on a quick hiatus and returned in 2021 with a new lineup. The band is strongly influenced by prolific pop-punk artists such as The Wonder Years, State Champs, and Neck Deep. They have even worked with Nick Thompson from Hit the Lights. They are currently on tour with SayWeCanFly and Johnnie Gilbert

Written By Karlee Smith



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