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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "Gemini" - Eneli

Do you believe in the zodiac signs? Each sign has a different symbol and a unique personality assigned to it. The Gemini zodiac sign has the symbol of twins; and if you've ever dated a Gemini before, you'd understand why. Gemini's are hard to read; you literally never have a clue what they are thinking because they are constantly changing their minds. They will tell you one thing, and then do another. "Gemini" by Eneli is a pop bop about what it could be like to date a Gemini and how it feels like they're always messing with your mind. Although Gemini's don't always realize that their indecisive ways are hurting their relationships, Eneli doesn't think it's worth wasting her time on.

Let me start by saying that Eneli is an absolute super-star. This song was perfectly crafted to be stuck in your head for months. The bass line opens the song and stays consistent and you can't help but vibe to it the entire time. Eneli's voice is stunning and rich, but in the chorus you get a spoken melody that you're going to find yourself joining in with. The haunting and dissonant harmonies are going to give you chills down your spine. If you needed an example of the perfect dance pop song, it's Eneli's "Gemini".

Eneli has build her own musical empire as a very successful independent artist. Eneli is no stranger to music, as she has been singing since she was 4 years old and participated in her church choir. Her love for music skyrocketed at the age of 13 when she began taking music lessons, performing live in her hometown and uploading covers to YouTube. Originally from Romania, Eneli moved to London, UK after University to pursue a Master's Degree in Songwriting and further her music career. Eneli has collaborated with DJs worldwide and has found international success through her songs. Examples include appearing on the US Billboard Dance Chart, going platinum in Russia, and getting a nomination for an MTV Europe Music Award. Eneli is now dabbling in the world of production, and preparing for her first ever album as well as more singles

within the next year!

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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