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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Get Right For You" - HeartMouth

Knowing that you disappointed someone you care about is one of the worst feelings. It’s as if karma is adding on an extra punishment. You already feel bad about the consequences of your actions that have directly affected you. The indirect consequences are what you do not expect, which include people walking out of your life. You have the option of sitting idly by and letting it happen or working proactively to fix it. In “Get Right for You,” HeartMouth sings an upbeat pop tune about his determination to right his wrongs and please the person he loves.

I thought HeartMouth had a strong voice. You could tell he was passionate about owning up to his actions. I also liked the “Ooh” harmonies on the chorus. Even though they don’t actually mean anything, they add a catchy element onto the melody, making the song more memorable. Another memorable aspect of the song is the high note HeartMouth sings at the end of the chorus on the word, ‘you.’ Overall, I liked how positive the song was. He could have chosen to make “Get Right for You” a reflective ballad about how much he hurt someone he loved. Instead, he crafted an upbeat pop song declaring that he is motivated to do better.

Heartmouth is a super cool stage name and I really want to hear how the artist came up with it! If you want to hear a different side of him, you should check out his song called “Sinking Room” where he sings about feeling disconnected from the people closest to him. Similar to “Get Right for You,” the song also utilizes harmonies very well. The listener also gets a more stripped down take on his voice. It is cool to see an artist sing different types of music and not stick solely to upbeat or slow songs.

Written By Kelli Dixon



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