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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Get To Know Her" - Hayley Siano

Pop Artist Hayley Siano continues her trend of releasing one single each year since 2019. This year, it's her newest single “Get To Know Her” which was released on December 9th. This is Hayley's 4th single currently out on Spotify and it's all about the hard truth of letting go of a relationship that is ultimately destined to end. In her new song, Hayley is taking that pain and turning it into strength. With lyrics like "When it's over, I'm gonna get to know her" she sings of putting yourself first. Listeners of Hayley have been highly anticipating this track since the release of her last single, “what you forgot” in early 2021. Hayley's recent release, “Get To Know Her” is an emotional pop track full of soothing vocals and meaningful lyrics that pack a punch. With the impressive control and depth of her voice, she is guaranteed to leave you hanging on to her every word as you listen. Hayley has a hard-hitting song on her hands with powerful lyrics and an even more powerful voice behind it.

Acknowledging, let alone accepting the end of a relationship is never an easy thing to do, and Hayley captures those intimate feelings so well in her new song. "Get To Know Her" means a lot to the artist as she has said herself that she has been there and has seen people she's close to in similar situations as well. Hayley's songwriting talent shines through here. Her clever use of lyrics can leave a listener feeling more empowered by the end. Hayley's track speaks for choosing yourself in the end and you can feel the drama, the passion, and the heart in every lyric she sings. With her new release, Hayley wants her listeners to know that they deserve more and there is a light on the other side waiting for them.

Hayley Siano is a New York-based indie-pop singer and songwriter. She is a promising up-and-coming artist who is already making waves in the music industry. Her new single “Get To Know Her” is followed by her last single, “what you forgot”, sophomore single, “This Very Moment” and her debut single, “The Morning". It has been Hayley's dream since she was a kid to share her music with the world, and that is something she's finally doing. Hayley is hoping to make her first music video become a reality in the near future for her newest single, “Get To Know Her”. Keep your eye out in the future for this and possibly new releases along the way! You can find this artist's social media accounts in the links below.

Written By Jenna Barton



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