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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Get Up" - KEiiNO

I don’t know about you but I miss catchy dance music. The trend of making angry break-up songs and slow sad girl tunes is great, But nothing beats the blood pressure spike I get when hit with a good bassline and some synth. Something that really gets the blood pumping and the limbs shaking is what I need. I love the feeling of turning something up as loud as I can and just dancing nonstop. To dance like no one is watching is something we are sorely lacking in today's music. The good thing is, Eurovision sensation KEiiNO has come to end the drought. Get Up is by far their catchiest tune yet and I can’t get enough of their vibrant energy.

This upbeat banger is a unique blend of instrumentation and beatboxing. The track uses minimal traditional instruments in its production and relies heavily on the use of vocals. The highly infectious is a tip of the hat to the ever-popular soundscapes of the 90s. 90s electronica was dominated by Europe and the genre continues to be a strong suit. Get Up combines the precision of electronic pop and the traditional sounds of joik. Joik is a cultural expression for the Sami people. It is a type of song that is used well in this track.

KEiiNO is a Norwegian supergroup consisting of members Fred Buljo, Alexandra Rotan, and Tom Hugo. Their music is a smart blend of electronic dance and Joik creates something they call PEEP music. PEEP is Pink Electronic Ethno Pop and this sound has allowed them to be heard around the world. The group brought major attention to the Sami people with their music and has since won many awards and even the Eurovision Song Contest. They have amassed 115 million streams on Spotify and are 5x platinum. Their discography is rather short with a mere 27 songs on the roster. However, these tracks are a testament to the group's potential and what to expect as they continue in the industry.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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