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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Ghost" - Cassie Henderson

“Ghost” is a single off Cassie Henderson's latest EP "The Pink Chapter", and it is a breakup song to break them all. “Ghost” is a heart wrenching story about grief and losing who someone is before losing them. Her use of poetic symbolism and storytelling display this pain in such a way that it appears almost beautiful. She uniquely describes the unspoken feelings that arise when feelings have faded. There isn’t a connection, and the awareness of that on both ends creates a tension not seen before in the relationship. “Ghost” describes what it is to watch someone lose themselves, and to go on to be haunted by the memories of who they once were, and even more so, who you were together.

The song begins with a haunting sound, fitting to the title. It envelopes the attention of the listener while a piano and Cassie Henderson’s voice slowly join in, sounding hymn like. Her singing grows in volume, everything else going quiet as she gains the stage to tell this story. She sings with a beautiful but raspy voice, perfectly displaying an honest and passionate pain. When the chorus comes, it is an echo of her own voice treated as if it belonged to background singers, a reflection of the detachment she feels from herself and this person. As the song goes on, her imagery becomes more detailed and each verse gains speed and volume. That is, until the very end of the piece which leaves off on a near whisper of her chorus.

Cassie Henderson is a New Zealand based singer and songwriter who skyrocketed her career at just fourteen years old by appearing on New Zealand’s The X Factor in 2014. This publicity gave Henderson ground to stand on, but she has built her own image and career since. “The Pink Chapter” is her debut EP, being preceded by three singles. But despite this being new territory for her, the songs featured on the album have already become some of her most popular, with “Ghost” alone generating over 50k streams in the short time it's been released. But, with Cassie Henderson’s ever growing audience this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. She holds over 85k followers on Tiktok, 32k on Instagram, she even has over 25k on Facebook. Join them below by following her and stream “Ghost” now.

Written By Hailey Schap



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