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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Girls At Parties" - Shallow Alcove

Have you ever opened up to a complete stranger in the bathroom at a party? It's a more common occurrence than you think, and Shallow Alcove has a new song where they cover their personal experience with this. With the opening lyrics "Too many girls from parties know too much about my life, maybe I should’ve just told you”, the artist looks back to recall a night when these girls took care of them when they needed it most. "Girls At Parties" is a relatable song for anyone who has ever taken care of another person in the bathroom at a party.

Shallow Alcove makes music that anyone in young adulthood can personally understand and their new track "Girls At Parties" further proves that. Their single that dropped right before this, "Blonde Phase" also stayed on that theme with a message of friendship and nostalgia. When it comes to the inspiration behind "Girls At Parties" the artist has said, "I wanted to make something about my tendency to tell my secrets to girls in the bathroom instead of actually dealing with my problems”. I think many of us have also found ourselves in a similar situation of avoidance, which is why it resonates so well with listeners.

Shallow Alcove is a band led by members Dan Harris and Grace Krichbaum. They are recognized for their unique guitar riffs, vocal harmonies, and relatable lyrics. The band started playing together when they were in College at Syracuse University in 2017. More recently they have graduated, put out their first EP, and have released many singles since. "Girls At Parties" is their most recently released single in their discography. This is followed by their single "Blonde Phase" which was just released at the end of September 2022. If “Girls At Parties” is a precursor to their new sound, I am excited to see what they do next.

Written By Jenna Barton



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