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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Give Me You" - Oskar Levin

Oskar Levin initially wrote Give Me You for his boyfriend, stating that it was his way of “letting him know he’s loved even when he is his unstable, imperfect self” – fittingly releasing the love ballad on Valentine’s Day and showcasing a touching level of romanticism that should not go unappreciated by his audience. Upon completion, however, Oskar found that this track was about much more than just his relationship; explaining “now I know that the message was to myself, and to you.” This being the debut single of the Swedish romantic, listeners are sure to be blown away by the gravity of the track’s lyricism – which feels as if it were written by a far more seasoned solo artist. With lines like “So tell me what you’re thinking of, so we can build a life and a home, for you and I” it’s super tough to not get hooked by the overwhelming sensation of unconditional love that pours through Levin’s vocals, as he wears his heart on his sleeve throughout Give Me You. The loving sentiment attached to the message of this ditty is epitomized in its chorus “Give me you, Darling just give me you” – painting the picture of an unrepentant lover ready to give his partner the world, if they would only let him – and is sure to be stuck in listeners heads (as it was mine) for the foreseeable future.

Give Me You showcases the power of tastefully simple production by harnessing the tried-and-true combination of powerful vocals layered over enthralling piano riffs; a refreshing level of brevity that truly allows Oskar Levin's incredible songwriting to shine. The unembellished delivery of this track serves to bring listeners in, making them feel as if they are sitting at the piano with Oskar as he belts out the entirety of the tune. Stacked backing vocals help the song to open up towards the end, before closing full circle with just piano and Oskar's intoxicating voice. The use of reverb also helps to build the track into a sensational climax by offering an appreciated sense of space. Simply put, there are absolutely no gimmicks with this one – with the relatively bare bones production allowing for the message of the song to speak for itself. Bravo, Oskar.

Swedish-born artist, Oskar Levin, has an impressive and storied history ghostwriting for other artists – having made appearances at the top of the radio charts in South Africa and Billboard China (29th), all the while accumulating millions of streams worldwide. At the age of fifteen, Oskar moved by himself to London to live with a host family, only to be kicked out after three months and left to wander the streets in search of a better life. Tragically, Levin later lost his mother to an accident and father to dementia, sending him spiraling into a years-long depression that he has only now escaped thanks to music; viewing becoming an artist as his “catharsis back to life”. Fortunately, though, he was able to defy all odds and transform himself into the budding star he is today. With a sound that is self-described as “acoustic soul with shades of pop and rock”, Levin has established himself as an uber-talented individual dripping with promise and someone pop fans should keep an eye on as he continues to progress as a solo artist.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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