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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Glass House" - ANTi

The music fades in, then comes the melody and finally the lyrics. “Fingerprints still on the wall, proof of problems unresolved.” ANTi immediately immerses the listener right into the thick of this ill-fated relationship. He continues “Getting harder to hide it, when we’re living inside it.” That line in and of itself solidifies the audience’s involvement in this love affair now. We feel as though we’re living inside it. Whatever it is, we don’t know up until this point. ANTi is buttering the audience up for a slippery slope through his mind as he paints this picture for us and then we skidoo into it as if we’re on Blue’s Clues.  

“Can’t you see we’re prisoners?” ANTi has the listener locked in on this song, except as a willful prisoner. With this latest single, ANTi gives what needs to be given with an electric pop hook, banging beats, and lyrics that hit you right in the feels. “Rather hurt than be alone.” a sentiment all too many of us share, staying in situations just for the sake of having someone to hold and to hold you. This, of course, never ends well, for either party, really, but we still subject ourselves to it. “We’re coming down like a glass house.”  The relationship, all the building of this “house”, so to speak, is falling down around them and it’s the final straw. "Every fracture shows the pain, reflecting our mistakes." Make no mistake, ANTi came to give us thoughtful lyrics as well as a beat that we can groove to. It's as if the listener doesn't know whether to dance or think about that hot mess of a relationship they found themselves in way back when. Alas, we may just decide to do both.  As far as lead singles, “Glass House” is certainly the way to go. ANTi has come to make a statement and make one he has. If this single is any indication of what’s to come in his upcoming debut album, we’re all ears.  

Anthony Rankin is now known as ANTi for all intents and purposes. The son of a drummer, he notes that music has always been at the forefront of his being. He latched onto this love of music at a young age and learned to play many instruments growing up. His musical journey began in his hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but he moved to Nashville as he found Music City to be the perfect place for the advancement of his career. Prior to his solo endeavor, ANTi’s portfolio boasts many producing credits, as well as work with a wide array of artists. He was one half of the pop duo, The Love Elektrik, and also released features with artists such as SCi-FY, Kate Ryder, and Rachel Philipp. With the talent to do every aspect of the music-making process, ANTi names producers such as Greg Kurstin, Cirkut, and Max Martin as some of his biggest influences. A voting member of The Recording Academy in both the Songwriters & Composers and Producers & Engineers Wings, ANTi has cemented himself as a pivotal member of the musical community. If you don’t know the name, learn it and stream “Glass House” on Spotify. While you’re at it, follow ANTi on all of his socials below and look out for that debut solo album, I know I will be!  

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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