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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Go Mad" - Nova May

Nova May does not need anyone else to have a good time, and she proves just that in her new single, “Go Mad”. She sings about her intentions to go out on her own, even if there are potential consequences to her well-being. She may drink until she falls, she may dance on a table, she may smoke a joint. It does not matter what she does, as long as she is letting loose and going mad. She knows it is bad for her health, but she just needs to let it all go. Everyone wants to let go of their responsibilities and stressors, but Nova May takes the leap and does what she wants. She is her own “ride or die” and does not need anyone to help her release her wild side. She is comfortable and confident enough to let herself be free.

“Go Mad” is the perfect electro-pop song with a catchy beat, fun lyrics, and incredible vocals. This is a song that will be stuck in listener’s head for days and added to everyone’s dance and workout playlists. Nova May sings about wanting to go out on her own to party and let loose. Her song is exactly the dance song that would be found playing at the party she is dancing on the table at. The production almost makes you feel like you are there with her, going mad. Nova May knows how to make catchy dance songs and will be providing music for every party, club, and pre-concert playlists to come.

Nova May is an edgy pop singer-songwriter from Kent, England. Her biggest inspirations are from female artists such as RAYE, PVRIS, Charli CXC, and Kim Petras. She describes her individual sound as “Dark Pop” and “Pop with a bite”. She thrives on making pop music that is both full of powerful synths and meaningful lyrics. On November 12, 2021, she released her first solo single “Pay For Your Love”. Prior to that, she released three collaborative dance and pop tracks which accumulated over 1.7 million streams. She has over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Written By Karlee Smith



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