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  • Alison Holst

Review: "GO!" - PEARL

GO! is the newly released dream pop song from singer-songwriter PEARL. GO! feels like a song that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of a sunny day. It feels as though one is taking the most relaxing stroll while the sun is still at its peak. Its both motivating and relaxing, and is a song to be sure to make it onto your summer playlist. She reflects the familiar sounds of dream pop while also adding her own unique style and additions. GO! is the perfect sonic escape surrounded by lyrics that navigate the ideas of finding home in people and not in physical places.

PEARL creates a wonderful sonic experience for listeners in the song GO!. The sonic space she creates is both whimsical but grounded. In this there is an ephemeral quality to the instrumentals of the song that makes it feel akin to nature. Her sonic space also perfectly surrounds her soprano voice which is elevated by the production and the instrumentals throughout the song. Her vocals never feel lost or muffled, but rather propelled by the instrumental forces behind it. With these qualities GO! becomes a song that combines many different elements in order to create a whimsical dream pop sound.

PEARL is a British singer-songwriter and producer. She would spend her early days growing up on the English countryside, where she was often drawn to the forests in her surrounding area. This would reflect in the tones she brings to her music that feel earthly and grounded. PEARL was trained as a soprano, and studied at the Creative Musicianship at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, where she further developed her skills. Her skills are displayed in such songs as GO! where she is able to combine the arts of production, writing and singing in artistic ways.

Written By Alison Holst



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