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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Gone" - Krrysopher

The stages of heartbreak are: denial, anger, melancholia, and eventual acceptance.

But like most things to be endured, this process is complicated. We don’t always experience those stages in sequential order. Sometimes anger can come before denial. Or maybe denial occurs while in the relationship as it heads towards its’ inevitable end. We can even find ourselves going back to a particular stage and reliving through it multiple times. This process is always circumstantial and varies from person from person - the only constant for everyone seems to be the chaotic manner in which the stages of heartbreak unfold. Krrysopher’s latest single, “Gone”, offers a vulnerable glance into navigating through heartbreak and the release that awaits once we’re out of its clutches.

“Gone” takes listeners through all the stages of a devastating heartbreak while demonstrating that the overall process is not quite as straightforward as we would like. And this complex process is seen throughout the song. The single opens with whispering voices and a thumping bass that mimics a heartbeat. Showcasing how heartbreak has a tendency to preoccupy the mind and make us feel disconnected from the world surrounding us. We’re then thrusted into the third stage of heartbreak, melancholia, in the opening verses. Within these verses Krrysopher touches on how romantic partners can feel like “home”; which makes separating from them all the more devastating because we’ve not only lost a person we adore, but also a space of familiarity and comfort. The pre-chorus swallows listeners in the second stage of heartbreak as it transforms into a raging fire of anger. The rising temper comes from the disbelief that someone who claims to care deeply for us could be so careless with their actions during the relationship and after its demise. But being able to express this anger in itself can be freeing; getting us a little closer to the stage of acceptance as displayed in the chorus. The chorus’s refreshing concept allows boundaries to be laid down with the former partner through an empowering declaration of “I won’t let you in ”. The time after the end of a relationship requires some personal space. By having the continued presence of a former partner during this period, we’re only prolonging the heartbreak - making it near impossible to move forward. To remain resilient and true to the boundaries laid down, Krrysopher beckons listeners to reflect on the stage of denial. In the third and fourth verses, denial had us convinced that “true love must… hurt”. Although there can be moments of hurt in a relationship, the foundation of the relationship should never be grounded in hurt. Krrysopher also points out something unique; sometimes, recalling an earlier stages of heartbreak can catapult us into the final stage of acceptance. Similar to what transpires in the single's impassioned bridge; there's an acknowledgment of the former partner once being our "lifeline" - that time has since passed and we're more than ready to move on now. "Gone" keeps listeners on the edge of their seats as they wait for the next lyric from Krrysopher. This rich, genre-defying production expertly uplifts the artist’s vocal delivery and in turn makes it the emerging star of the single; Krrysopher’s spirited progressions and emotional sentiments have the mysterious ability to call upon past heartaches to experience them all over again through a fresh perspective. And hopefully the new outlook provides a breakthrough for listeners who find themselves stuck in one of the earlier stages of heartbreak so they, too, can finally “breathe”.

Maria Jugănaru, better known by her stage name, Krrysopher, is a singer, songwriter, and musician based in Romania. Jugănaru has quite a flair for percussion instruments; being well versed in playing the piano, ukulele, and both the electric and acoustic guitar. Currently the young artist studies music at the National University of Music in Bucharest while working on their debut EP, ROGVAIV. “Gone” is the second single featured on the upcoming EP, while “Homesick” is their first single. Fans might best recognize the songstress from her time on SuperStar România 2021 – a singing competition similar to American Idol here in the states. Jugănaru blew away judges and audiences alike with her abilities, quickly becoming a fan favorite and eventually placing as one of the show’s finalists. If you’ve been as captivated by the emotional genuineness of Krrysopher’s music as I have, show the artist some virtual love in the form of streams, likes, and follows.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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