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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Good Boy Gone" - Marcus Mackey

Marcus Mackey delivers an enthralling alt-pop ballad with his latest single, Good Boy Gone; providing listeners with a powerful call to arms centered on self-empowerment, personal growth, and overcoming life's obstacles. Mackey gives a call to action by inviting his audience to take a leap of faith with him, through the line "Tell me everything you want, I'll be waiting at the door" – painting himself as an inspirational figure ready to take you away to a better place. In the tune's hook, Marcus melodically beckons "See me in your dreams like a goddess, can't you see that I'm Godless, follow me we can be so lawless"; creating a higher level of artistic symbolism that is reminiscent of iconic folk songs of years past, but conveyed through a new wave pop lens. This a catchy, infectious little ditty that true pop fans are sure to love and want to play on repeat when they need an extra boost during a long day.

Good Boy Gone opens with a clean guitar riff soaked in reverb, setting a truly dreamy atmosphere for the listener. After a pensive instrumental intro, the first verse kicks off with percussive plucked guitar and Mackey's crisp vocals. The verse begins its crescendo into the pre-chorus with a looped drum break, sampled and sped up in the spirit of classic UK Drum n' Bass music. The pre-chorus offers a short break from the energetic build, trading the tense percussion for lush pads and soaring vocals. The chorus of the track hits like a freight train hauling a punchy DnB drum groove, atmospheric synths/vocal effects, and thick synth basslines. As the song progresses, the arrangement takes an interesting shift into a non-lyrical vocal chant, cut with Mackey's titular hook sung with a heavy dose of conviction. Good Boy Gone closes out the same way it opened, with a dreamy but concise outro – perfectly reflective of this dynamic track.

Hailing from Bakersfield, California, Marcus Mackey is an up-and-coming indie pop talent best known for his singles S.E.L. and Mona Lisa. Marcus and his twin brother, Anthony, grew up with a deep appreciation for art and music – which has since led to his young and burgeoning career as an artist in the music industry. Marcus cites his biggest challenge within the music industry as being having to overcome his "demons, doubts, and the voices inside [his] head" in order to come to terms with putting himself and his music out there for the world to judge. According to him – his work is internal, it's in his soul, and all he had to do to take the next step in his music career was shut out the outside noise and focus on his inner voice to truly become happy and "get to work". In a past life, Marcus flourished as an All-Star cheerleader on a world-ranked team, before falling in love with musical theatre and his high school's performance group. These days, you can find Mackey collaborating with producer Luke Villemur and performing locally around the greater Los Angeles metro area.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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